The Outlook Kitchen and Bar - Executive Chef Tatiana Rosana

Since opening up in the Fort Point neighborhood, The Envoy Hotel has blessed its guests and nearby residents with a couple of go to spots for food and drink…and city views. Although the roof top bar, The LookOut, has closed for the season, diners and drinkers have only to go down to the first floor to experience The OutLook Kitchen and Bar’s new menu developed by Executive chef, Tatiana Rosana.

 Following her illustrious career working with Rachel Klein and Mary Dumont, Tatiana could not be more proud of her first, fully autonomous menu as executive chef. Her enthusiasm, culinary prowess and inspiration for creating dishes that are both new and true to her identity, is, well, palpable.

The whole team at the OutLook is streamlined to provide a comfortable dining experience for each of their guests. From receptive hosts to expert servers, I thoroughly enjoyed my most recent meal at this restaurant. Chef Tatiana’s menu is designed around her Cuban heritage, elements of Korean ancestry inspired by the cuisine her and her wife enjoy, as well as local New England sensibilities.

  Peas and Carrots - Reinvented (with Burrata)

Among the appetizers, I would highly recommend chef Tatiana’s take on ‘peas and carrots’. With crispy chickpeas, a carrot puree and creamy burrata, it represents an innovative take on what we usually identify as a drab dish.

The bacon, brussels and egg salad is another must-try, the egg is poached, sous-vide style and comes ready to mix into the green goddess dressing. Ahi Tuna crudo is a superbly light and delicate dish with just enough seasoning to give a boost to the sushi grade tuna. Bacalao croquettes are one of Chef’s favorite items, ‘near and dear to my heart’ as she says. These bad boys are truly stuffed with cod, forget about any of that cheesy, potato filling!

                  Bacon, Brussels and Egg

For main dishes, the Georges Bank scallops are seared and served atop a bed of Maine lobster succotash and pillowy soft gnocchi. Pineland Farms filet mignon is a meatier option with ‘untraditional mole’ sauce and a sprinkling of baby root vegetables.

                                         Bacalao Croquettes 

As many diners have come to know and love, the ‘Campfire Torte’ is a slab of rich dark chocolate accompanied by a jar that captures the scent of a roasting marshmallow. This part of the meal truly takes you back to those campfire moments – every time!

Whether you are a guest at the hotel, or a local resident, The Outlook is a perfect place to enjoy a casual but elegantly cooked meal. Attention to detail and presentation are as good as the quality of the ingredients and dishes themselves. Head in to try this new menu for the season!